Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Infinite crises.

The invisible hand of politics moving just off camera

To clarify a bit more on the aforementioned "apocalypse," it's mostly just flux in my current job and the misery of waiting for final answers.

I do not have any solid proof that the world is going to end, but I'm sure that if I did, I'd probably have a better response than washing glass insulators. I'd like to think my response would be more along the lines of ordering up a big batch of awesome unhealthy food and chowing down with all my friends before riding off at high speed on a highly tuned monster of a motorcycle without a helmet to the beach to toast the coming end with bottles of very expensive beverages while dancing maniacally around a bonfire. If I could round up any remaining Maenads, they're welcome to join in.

Of course it's equally likely I'd vacuum the rug. Can't be going out leaving the universe with a floor full of dust bunnies.