Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Forcing the eye...

I've found there's nothing better to get my creative juices flowing than to give myself an assignment. (Well, excepting a paying commission, but I'm not getting many of those these days...) My current assignment is an offshoot of the beautiful spring weather here in the Southeast, I've been shooting pictures through my sunroof on my afternoon commute (and occasional morning commutes, when I'm awake enough to attempt it).

It's been fun, because I'm forcing myself to look up more at stoplights and in traffic.

In many cases I'm seeing my town differently, even after living here for a full decade.

Another benefit is having to compose quickly and minimally. A single object against a monotone field, can be surprisingly interesting, and the intersection of lines and objects can break up the monotony of the wild blue yonder.

The full set can be seen here.