Thursday, June 4, 2009

Strange addictions for strange times.

Being a bit of a denim aficionado, there are certain words that catch my ear. Much the same way a foodie might perk up at the mention of a new restaurant, or a sports fan at the mention of a promising new recruit, I can hear the words "redline selvage" from across a crowded room.

Theoretically you could lure me into a James Bond style trap with the right combination of words. Or, if not a trap, at least an eBay auction, which is very similar. So when I see the words "deadstock" "big-e Levi's" and "Talon zipper" all jumbled up, I'll hit the bid button so fast, you'll get a whiff of burning pixels.

Usually the object of my desire is snatched away from me, by deeper pockets than mine, but occasionally I'll find something only a truly sick aficionado could love. An object so odd that my adoration will cause others to question my sanity and fashion sense. And so it came to be that I won these vintage 60's Levi's 646 deadstock pants:

Yes, I'm fully aware that I look like a rodeo clown in them, but they fit so well it's uncanny. They must have been waiting in a dark attic for forty years for the right person to find them, and now I have. You think your mocking hides your jealousy, but oh no, I see through it.