Monday, August 24, 2009

Just looking in...

My future self can't tell my past self anything he won't find out on his own...

I liked it better when my friends had blogs instead of Facebook. I liked being able to stop by once a week and see a medley of events and thoughts and pictures so I could see what they'd been up too. It was like getting a short message with doodles on the envelope or small package of random items in the mail.

Now all I get is one line and a notification about some lost cow or which celebrity housewife cooking show they most resemble.

I tried an experiment last year to keep in contact via plain old regular mail. It was an utter failure, I'd forget to write, or people I'd remember to write would drop me a one line email to say they'd gotten my letter. My current mailbox is a huge monstrosity from Sears Roebuck, back when they were to the biggest, most important company in the world, and their catalog was a de facto overview of Americana. This mailbox was a testament to their dominance and can hold a small child, if someone tried to ship you one via the post office. Now it sits empty most days, except for the occasional advertising flyer.

Is 160 characters enough to stay in touch?