Thursday, September 3, 2009

Consider the object: Luggage Stickers

I found these stuffed in a drawer while in the process of looking for something else...

I'm not sure of the date or if they are reproductions or not, but everything else in the drawer dated from the 60's so I'm going with that.

I had commented to a friend earlier in the week that you couldn't pay me to get on a plane ever again (they just aren't made for 6' 4" people, that's a solid fact), but I do still subscribe to the romantic idea of the golden age of flying when the term "jet set" actually meant something.

Aeronaves de Mexico

Indonesian Airlines

Air Afrique Luggage

Pan Am Airlines

Qantas Airlines

A pleasant remembrance of times when airline passengers weren't just peanuts, but valued customers.

All images link to my Flickr pages where you can download high quality scans, suitable for whatever mod design work or inspiration you need.